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About Relative-Solutions Ltd

 Relative-Solutions Ltd. - An Overview.

Relative-Solutions Ltd is a small company based near Warrington in the North West of England. We are primarily interested in helping small firms sort out their problems although we will consider work from larger clients.

Relative-Solutions Ltd. - Aim Statement

Relative- Solution Ltd’s aim is to provide sensible practical advice at an affordable price. If we don’t think we can  meet this aim we will tell you so and not take on the work !

Relative-Solutions Ltd. -  Background to the Company formation

In 2006 Martin Holden a Chartered Civil and Structural Engineer took early retirement from the Health and Safety Executive where he had led the section  having the remit to provide national advice and guidance on Work at Height technical issues to both Industry and the rest of  HSE.

For 3 years  prior to leaving HSE one of his key roles had been  as a member of  the internal HSE group drafting the Work at Height Regulations where he provided  the input on the technical issues.which shaped the Regulations.

He was also as a member of the team who travelled round the country delivered HSE’s guidance and training to all of HSE’s  Inspectors .

At almost the same time as he retired his sister Wendy Wakefield was made redundant from a small soft drinks company where she had  managed the accounts and office for  over 20 years, following office rationalisation  after the firm was taken over by a larger Company.

The third founding (but currently non-executive) Director is his niece, an award winning Chartered  Librarian with extensive experience of information retrieval and  developing online IT learning solutions. Her  knowledge, advice and work in the field of developing  practical solutions to online learning was nationally recognised in 2005 through an Industry Award.

Together they decided to set up  Relative-Solutions Ltd to develop a consultancy, utilising their combined skills and knowledge, with the aim of providing practical solutions to problems, initially in the field of technical  Health and Safety, Information Technology and Small Business Accounts management.

Further details of their qualifications and experience can found here

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